My Battle

I was 12years old when I started my very heavy painful periods. I knew My pain was different from other girls because I had to take school days off and was unable to even get out of bed. I used to think maybe it was all in my had or that it was just normal for me. I tried all kinds of Birth Controls growing up but some were too many male hormones(too strong) Others gave me more hair growth and I still got my period every month. I really just dealt with the pain my whole teen years and only in the last few years in my 20s I started to research and take matters in my own hands. I saw many gyno doctors and they all seemed to treat me as a pill popper or It was again all in my head. I really felt alone and isolated. I knew my body was in war with itself but I had no idea why. I started to look up my symptoms online and I saw articles on the internet and stories on utube. I went to the doctors with this information in hand and said I think I have endometriosis. My new gyno said ok well take the Birth control pill for 3 months in a row then have 1 period. I thought wow that was easy if only I had thought of that myself, Could it really be that easy?

As time went on I did what the doctor ordered but the pain and symptoms seemed to get worse and stay way after my periods and weeks before I was due a period. I overlooked all my symptoms over the years emotional and physical. I realized there has to be more to this endo then I thought. 

A breakdown of my symptoms

Mood swings/ Depression/ anxiety / highs and lows/ snapping at my loved ones yelling for no reason at all then crying the next min. Extremely sensitive and then pushy and angry. I had days where I was so down and depressed I didn’t want to get out of bed. There was always a pattern in my moods always in and around ovulation and or due periods. I had heightened senses Smells, hearing, I could smell things in the next room !

I had days where I felt such lower back pain it made me crazy in my mind foggy and unclear.

I of course had lower pelvic right side pain, Near my pubic bone across to my side then my back, pain would go down to my leg into my foot making it hard to walk. Nausea was normal almost daily, low iron (also a vegetarian) unpredictable emotions (reactions)

I had the pain almost daily when I would go to the washroom both 1 and 2 lol were horribly painful and constipation was normal for me. Gas, bloating, hating the feeling of being full in my stomach began to hate food. Had instant Endo belly bloat after eating even the smallest thing. I have headaches, muscle pain stiffness, sciatica , extreme fatigue, I am tired all the time lack of energy, Have not been able to sleep my whole life a good 8 hours has never been apart of my night time schedule. I am restless anxious and a lot goes on in my head.

Painful sex and bleeding after intercourse, Times I feel my insides are falling out. I have constant UTI, bladder infections and yeast. I have stabbing pain after sex or during.

I sometimes have stabbing pain or pulling pain in my lower right side as if I am tearing the endo when I move in different positions.

I know what  I eat affects my body  I am vegetarian but not Vegan which I would like to try, I know I have a gluten allergy which seems to be common with us endo girls.

My period cramps are out of this world where I am in bed for 5 days throwing up from pain and in a ball with a heat pad. I bleed quite a bit and for at least 10 days.

I have seen specialists and they give me ty3 , oxycodone but nothing helps. I have had the opportunity to have a lap done but need to make sure its with the right doctor as I have had bad experiences in the past.    I continue to struggle but with support and courage I battle my symptoms almost daily. These are just a few of my symptoms maybe you have the same or different as it affects everyone differently but I hope you read this and maybe say hmm  it could be endo and talk to your doctor.


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