BAD Period !

I only get my periods every 3 months due to the BCP but when it is time for my friend to rear its ugly head it comes to battle. I have horrible cramps pain which makes my whole body tense and feel outta wack. I am dizzy, unable to sleep, eat or walk. I have stabbing throbbing side pain that feel someone is ripping my insides and its almost a stretched out feeling. I haven’t slept in 3 days which by now my body is in a war on itself. I have been throwing up and the worst is having to pee WOW talk about the worst pain imaginable ! I forget what it feels like to be normal and have a normal pain free pee let alone a pain free day. I lay in the ball on my pain praying not to breathe since that action alone causes pain. I went for acupuncture which is my new form of pain relief and I admit though expensive after coming a few days the pain does decrease or go away. I am thankful for acupuncture and a new found pain free gift. I would recommend to anyone to try it and stick with it. Be open to new options even if its something strange and out there! I didn’t think it would work but truly believing in your body mind and spirit helps you achieve pain free days. Hope that you find something ne that helps you trough the tough days xo


4 thoughts on “BAD Period !

  1. Seasonique? I had the same situation for some time with the pain and lack of sleep. During your cycle try taking melatonin about 2 hours before you want to go to sleep. It has really helped me sleep through the pain and minimize my pain the next day. Feel better girl!

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