How effective is yoga for endometriosis?
Higher stress levels may aggravate the condition as a result of the secretion of the excess stress hormones. Yoga is a good stress-buster and helps to manage the condition. Yoga helps to create an effective coordination between the mind and body, and enhances the healing. Yoga helps to therapeutically treat the various menstrual symptoms through the implementation of different breathing optimize the endocrine system of the body, thereby balancing the hormonal changes.Shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana) is particularly beneficial to those with endometriosis since it helps balance the endocrine system. It is important not to practice this pose or any inverted poses when menstruating. One of the potential issues in endometriosis is a back up (retrograde flow) of menstrual blood backwards from the uterus. This could be brought on or exacerbated by inversion poses.
shoulder stand (salamba sarvangasana)

Benefits: Stretches shoulders and neck. Calms the mind, relieve stress and mild depression. Stimulates the thyroid and abdominal organs, improves digestion. Reduces fatigue, alleviates insomnia. Therapeutic for asthma, infertility and sinusitis.
Contraindications: diarrhea, headache, high blood pressure, menstruation, neck injury. Use caution under care of experienced teacher if not done before or if pregnant.



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