Hello Ladies I am having a bad night of pain from even moving a certain way. I decided to take pictures to show an area where I get pain almost daily now. It used to be just a week before and a week after my period but now its almost daily. The circle shows the area sometimes its higher sometimes its lower but always on my right side. Have any of you had pain in a similar area (excuse the pac man pjs ) lol

  •  love the PJs 😀 and yes i got pain on the right side all the time (dont now had hysto)
  •  I often get pain near/on my right ovary. It’s always the right side.  😦
  • Sarah Smith so that area is kinda the same area you got pain, My doctor says its too low but every doctor I go to has different answer. Thank you so much
     I always get pain near my left ovary. It is like a sharp shooting pain. Not fun. I would tell your doctor about the pain that you are having. Hugs ❤
     its the right side because your uterus sits slightly to the right
  •  yes sarah i had pain in that same area sometimes higher sometimes lower but always that area
  • Sarah Smith wow I really am alone in this until I found this group it calms my nerves to know I am not crazy since that’s what my family thinks
  •  Hey I think my right sided pain was my appendix. Its barely visible all wrapped up in endo.
  •  no sarah not crazy kristina very possible
  •  Mine was bad to had my appendix removed with endometriosis
  •  Not crazy!!!  Endo does what it wants where it wants ):
  •  Yep, totally get pain there, worse for me on the right side. I have pretty bad ovarian disease. Could be cysts on your ovaries playing up? Hope you get some relief soon xxx
  • Sarah Smith Thank you so much
  •  I had pain there on and off for years and had my right ovary removed in ’07. I just figured it was adhesions or endo. My appendix was nasty with endo and was removed when I had my excision surgery and hysterectomy.
  • Nancy Thurman It could be appendix or right ovary. Have your doctor order a pelvic ultrasound and check both out. I use to have that pain too. I had endometriosis on my right ovary and cysts. They cysts flow with the menstrual cycle. Mine kept rupturing.  Now I don’t have that.  Had a hysterectomy.  Now menopause.  Hot flashes are terrible.
 yes me too but also on the left, higher up, lower down, in my hips, in tops of my legs making me limp, kidneys, lower back and last but not least towards my bum so it hurts to sit down during my period, just to put the cherry on the top 🙂 xrd my pain is the same area but on the left side. it got so bad that i couldnt lay down. ive jusy gone through 8 weeks of pt and finally have relief
  •  mine is same area but left side my ovary is bad and attached to bowel
  •  This is a GREAT idea for showing my pain specialist where I have the most intense pain!
  • Sarah Smith I always circle my pain to kinda keep a pain diary helps a lot see if it moves

    Pelvic congestion syndrome (also known as pelvic vein incompetence) is a medical… condition in women caused by varicose veins in the lower abdomen. The condition causes chronic pain, often manifesting as a constant dull ache, which can be aggravated by standing.[1] Early treatment options include pai…See More
  • Sarah Smith thank you so much ladies
  •  I get pain there on right and left. Turned out i endo on both ovaries as well as other areas.
     i also have pain there, i have endo on my pelvic side wall.  also i’ve had adhesions that attached my ovary to the pelvic side wall.  i also have daily pain,always on the left side.
  •  I always have pain there too! I am always worried that some day it is going to be appendicitis and I will just think it is Endo pain.
    yes that’s historically my worst pain area. No surgery has ever helped that pain, not even my hyster but since my excision surgery in July and right ovary removal (which was full of cysts and attached to everything is sight) my right sided pain except for tenderness from healing is completely gone right now. endo was also excised but also my appendix was taken out because it was covered with endo too.
     have pain there all the time and I actually ended up having endo on my appendix and it was attached to my abdominal wall and intestine and needed to have it removed. It’s possible for your appendix to be affected.. I still have pain there however.
    That’s mainly where I get my pain too. That’s why before they decided on it being Endo they kept suspecting appendicitis :/ but no its good old endo endo pain 😦
    That’s where mine usually is.
    No, not crazy trust me! I had pain terribly above my belly button and swelling for the past 9 months, it was horrible and my Doctors (even one endo specialist) told me it wasn’t endo or I was making it up. During my excision the Doctor removed all the endo and adhesions and my colon was invovled, and everythign else, bladder, rectum, things were moved outta place, the usual, anyway, guess what pain was gone as soon as I woke up rom surgery? That one! Even in my drugged state I said that pain was gone. And yet all the Doctors told me I was making that up or it was a digestive issue. Nope! So don’t feel crazy, you are not alone!
    that’s the exact same place I get the pain, sometimes it’s bad enough my leg is sore too, and can go high enough that it feels like in my rib cage area, but the constant, never go away pain is same place as yours – hugs!!!!
    pulling, stretching, tearing, that’s adhesions for sure. It gets mixed in with the endo pain, but thats what that is…
    girl I swear to god you have the best stomach ever lol… besides that I have the same issues. Mine will also swell in that area and bruise. It can be endo inflammation or adhesion pain as well. Hard to tell sometimes. you aren’t alone
    awww well trust me I would kill to have your flat stomach. you look fine to me! hang in there girl. Hugs and positive vibes going your way

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