Endo and Gallbladder and my crazy episode

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, ,I have been in a horrible funk where my health and lack of it has taken over me completely I haven’t slept in 8 days and its starting to show. My mood has changed and my anxiety level is through the roof. I cant concentrate and I am having 100 thoughts in my head. My body is so extremely exhausted I have been having horrible pain about 8 days ago I woke up in cold sweats and feeling extreme nausea. I sat up trying to make myself throw up and then the came pain in like a giant wave over flowing my whole being. I know this pain I have had it many times before. Its in between my breast bone under my ribcage, It starts as an in tense hunger feeling then the pain slowly wraps itself around your ribcage into your back Like the devils squeezing the life out of you. I cant catch my breathe and I’m sitting in bed just praying for it to stop ! It has not left me for 8 days now. I have had attacks like this before other times were much worse. I have to sit up in bed with a heat pad on high until my inside feel like there cooking. I have to sit up all night while the world sleeps I cry in pain. I am getting  used to having chronic pain I forget how to live without it. I am not eating as everything that I eat I feel is stabbing my insides. I have knife like contractions and anxiety with the thought of leaving my house or eating, drinking because of the pain just waiting for me. Night time seems to be worse I am restless and even more sore. I never not have pain it just depends on the scale of 1 to 1000. I feel that the pain is worse when I am stressed out. I am so alone and feel like a hermit all I can do is pass the time and hope tomorrow is better. I think its my gallbladder as my brother and father both had there’s removed. It may be stones or inflammation but I wont know until I get an ultrasound. I also have a hiatus Hernia in the center of my ribcage that could be the cause of my problems. Either way I feel Endo is coming in all forms of my life from social family work relationship and body health. I think its all Endo hormone related since many women complain about the same issues. 

Whats working for me a little – Morning Routine massage my neck kink from sleeping sitting up, Take probiotic Bio K in liquid form wait 20 mins- Take Aloe Vera straight The whole fillet kind – wait 10 15 min then take Wheat grass a shot glass size of pure wheat grass wait 30 min then finally try a piece of wheat free gluten free toast.

I drink Apple cider vinegar in apple juice about a tablespoon of vinegar for a flair up seems to help

I drink Aloe throughout the day and try to drink smoothies made with some protein and veggies

Hope that if your having the same issues this helps you

I feel so alone and isolated I am going stir crazy ! I wish you all a pain free Night xoxo Sleep well


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