Woman shares message: Very painful periods are not normal

This is a very good video

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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Millions of younger women have a disease that can be painful, depressing and even debilitating. It’s called endometriosis, and it often goes undiagnosed because women think their pain is just a normal part of having periods.

Sheena Ivy of Parkville had symptoms of endometriosis for years before she was diagnosed.

“It would just hurt so bad that I would vomit. So sometimes I would shake. Sometimes I would get just really, really sick,” Ivy said, referring to the symptoms she would have with her menstrual cycle.

With endometriosis, tissue that normally lines the uterus grows elsewhere causing inflammation, scar tissue and adhesions.

“So it affected my bladder and then also affected my bowels. So when I had the surgery for endometriosis, my ovaries were sealed to the sides of my abdomen, my fallopian tubes were completely blocked, and I actually had it on my…

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