You have been apart of my life for so long I cant remember a time without you at my side.I don’t remember a vacation not ruined by your untimely arrival. I cant seem to recall a time when you were not at all my activities or functions uninvited before during or after as a reminder That I did too much. I now must pay attention to you ! HOW RUDE
When haven’t you been there? Your hiding under the bed when I sleep. Your looking at me in the mirror.Your at my side when I walk the dog.You pretend to leave and I think yes a free day to do what I want.Then I make a dessert and your back again with revenge. If I run fast enough would you be able to keep up?If I wore baggy clothes would you still fit in?
If I sat down long enough to feel the burn would you get board and disappear? If I completely ignore your calls for attention If I stopped feeding you and If I never mention your name again would you finally leave me alone for good ?If i stopped giving a damn and instead of numb you looked at your ugly ways and call you beautiful would you get embarrassed and run!

Sarah Smith


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