Sarah Smith  ·  While everyones sleeping, I am alone and the pain is so real a stabbing sensation a burning I feel. It hurts even worse when day light comes, fake a smile wipe your tears another battle is make it through the night like a dark cold war your diease is an enemy and your strength a sword. You cut through it grasping your pillow so tight. I cant wait till tommorow to restart this fight. its a never ending game of tug a war when will the pain push you on the floor? When will u be on your knees crying? it loves when your weak and so close to dying. Sharpen your sword and keep it steady,On your feet you must forge ahead unconquerd and ready! The battle is not over infact only begun for today a new battle under the sun.laugh be pretty shoulders down dont show anyone the slightest frown. Keep your head up though it hurts to walk pretend to be happy though the ememy waits and mocks. Shows you no mercy, takes all of your time, leaves you no friends and a real life behind. Everyone sees just a pretty face but under it all theres a reality I wish to erase. A fact that dreams may never be true thats why I stay awake and write to you. To All my enemies who think ahh shes fine put my shoes on start walking to the front lines. Raise your sword nice and easy here is comes dont get queasy. Its not fun being in chronic pain you lead a life,your going insane .slowly it takes everything you’ve got all you worked for is just left to rott. Sorry I cant be that girl you think you see .all of my insides are attacking me.Sorry I cant be your number 1 this is hell for me im not having fun.On the battle ground I stand sword held tight in my hand I will never give up ,wont loose this fight for this is my journey and this is my life … sarah smith 2:08am


3 thoughts on “pain

      • Im sorry to hear that. I’ve been suffering with chronic pelvic pain for 18 years, so I get the pain aspect. Back surgeries are one of the worst ones because you don’t realize how much you use your back until it is in constant pain. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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