I hate having to prove how sick I feel because you can’t see it you don’t think it’s real. In pictures I smile dress real nice you can’t actually notice the hell of a price. It hurts every day I never get a break, but all you say is “oh what a fake”. I stay alone fighting a terrible war the smallest task everything is sore. The crippling knife twisting inside cuts so deep I want to die. I have gotten good at hiding my battle wounds I hate I only have so many spoons. I wish you saw the sleepless nights the horrible migraine just from the lights. You don’t care to acknowledge what you don’t understand instead of judging why not take my hand.Tell me you are here for me stand by my side don’t let me sit alone to hide,Tell me you’re in for the ride. My life has changed so drastically my future plans I just can’t see. A life without suffering pain and despair the life I lead is so unfair, I don’t want to get out of bed I do not care. I close my eyes to a world of pain just to wait and do it again. I feel I’m slowly going insane my family and friends hate to hear me complain so I take a pretty picture smile and cheer and when alone at night shead all my tears


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