Pain causes you to feel lonely, sad and isolated. No one truly understands what it feels like to be controlled by chronic illness. All the advice in the world can’t even come close unless they have gone through it themselves. You are under a constant fog of illness a cloud of pain raining down on you. You have no control and hide inside your house afraid of what the outside will bring you. You wake up and have to decide what to do what is most important, shower, brush your teeth, drive your children to school, you only have the energy to do a few necessities. Going through the motions of living a normal life but barely keeping food down, skipping  chores around the house, crying in the shower,  delaying showering altogether,  making dinner or even eating. Your life is ruled by what you are capable of doing in that moment .Always paying for the few hours you feel just okay enough to clean the kitchen or tidy a room knowing you will be crippled with pain after. Make sure your activities are worth paying a price for.


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