Isolation is so cruel,It robs you and your left feeling a fool.
No reason to wake up from an endless night,for yet a lonely day left to fight.
Nothing is worse then feeling pain,24/7 id rather die in vein. You are left with haunting thoughts racing in your mind, How could life be so unkind?
Live in torture you cannot see,but I have lost all self worth inside of me.
My beauty fades my hair falls out, this is what rock bottom is all about. Muscle weak,skin stretched a disabled body not so far fetched.
I used to think a pretty face takes you so far, now i know its not who,its what you are? Its been taken by chronic pain,I cant even look at myself without shame
Falling to pieces from drugs and no cure, withdrawl will kill me first this im sure. Maybe the doctors give you this for false hope so you wont complain. You cant anyway your too dopped.

Written by SARAH SMITH


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